Yoli Photography

I have always had a passion for capturing moments on film. With more than 10 years of experience, I have the skill and trained eye to make your project come to life. 

I don't remember not having a camera around. My mom was always taking photos of us, in costumes, at parties, doing funny or cute things. Soon, I started asking to do the job at parties & she gladly handed it over. It was great because she would also have these photos developed and printed even though it was a bit expensive for us. This meant I got to see my work on paper!  I had total creative control. She never told me what or how to do it. It was so exciting and I was hooked! 

My mom was one of my first models. One day I decided to do her hair & make up, set up a backdrop & have her change clothes a bunch of times. Being a good sport, she was game. Later it was my younger sister, soon my cousins, then anyone I could get my hands on! 

A few years after my daughter was born, it was time to actually take a class. I learned how to use my camera much more efficiently , but the lighting class opened a whole new side to the world of photography for me. The possibilities became endless. 

Now I get to do it all as my career.  I couldn't be more happy! 


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